hospitals and social welfare homes
local coordinators

Nationwide social support system for hospitals

The WdS system is a free platform that supports hospitals in informing about their needs and supports those who want to help orientate what is really needed. Thanks to the WdS system, declaring and transferring help becomes easy.

Hospitals and social welfare Homes



Reporting a hospital to the system will allow us to create a dedicated account. Thanks to this, a designated hospital employee will be able to update the list of necessary products in an intuitive system. He will also see what help and when he will reach the hospital. After submitting the application, the portal administrator will contact you.


Local coordinator collects products from individual donors and delivers them to a selected hospital. The tool we created will greatly facilitate that work.


Person or a small/medium company, who want to help hospitals by offering products or a service. It is thanks to this person that Local Coordinators, who look after specific hospitals or social welfare Homes, will be able to collect and donate necessary products.


Help hospitals efficiently thanks to the functions of the WdS system: access to current lists of hospital needs from all over the country, contact details for local coordinators and hospital representatives (solution recommended for larger deliveries), the possibility to submit help declarations directly in the system, needs search by products (quick option searching for hospitals that need products owned by the company).